Thursday , June 17 2021

They Walk to Organ Donations

Patients who perform organ transplants at the Exchange and wait in line for transplants walk together to draw attention to organ donors.

The Acıbadem Exchange Hospital organizes events by organ donations recorded. Organ transplants and residents waiting in the transfer of arms on the arms. & # 39; Transplant saves lives, & # 39; and doctors, patients and students who walk with the currency in their hands support residents of the surrounding area with applause. Kidney Transplant Center Hospital Acibadem Bursa Dr. Dr. Bülent Oktay, "End stage kidney disease every 10 years exponentially increases. The most important reason for this is hypertension and diabetes. Unfortunately, the kidneys disappear when they live more than 5 years with these two diseases. The highest number of delayed kidney patients is waiting. Our reason gathered here to attract the attention of organ transplants, kidneys, liver, have more organs will connect patients to live as hearts only possible with organ donation than in other regions of Turkey in the South region of Marmara Patient organ transplants are still not enough to respond to the needs in the future. Patients must be cured and to save lives to be more sensitive to organ donations and organ donations, we hope to do so, "he said.

Bursa Acıbadem Hikmet Aktaş Liver Transplant Center, "Organ Donation Week, we try to attract the attention of our citizens by organizing activities. Many donors donate their organs to people to survive. We want to have a higher number of corpse donations than live .. need serious organ donations in Turkey, register in 100s lose their lives because they can't find sick organs, increase public awareness, we can help maintain the lives of these people, every institution and everyone I think should have shares. I want to thank all those who came here as "he said. – EXCHANGE

Acibadem Bursa

11 November 2018 at 9:46 a.m.

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