The world holds its breath: Long day chess matches will end today


Two great masters who have not been able to defeat the World Chess Championship in London, the capital of England since November 9, will face a series of accelerations, which can produce the final in the final "Armageddon" (Mahşer). The match will start at 6:00 p.m. in a soundproof room in London.

12 matches, 48 ​​hours, more than 630 moves, information leakage, black eyes Chess players will face once again today after 12 draws.

The winner of the battle in London today will receive a $ 1 million prize.

The winner will be the winner of the $ 1 million prize in the battle that will take place in London today.

Because parties have not been able to outsmart each other since November 9, Caruana will win a historic victory if he wins. This is because Caruana was the first US chess player to win the title of World Champion after Bobby Fischer in 1972.


In the last match, where the players said that even the heartbeat was heard, Carlsen offered a draw to his opponents after three hours of struggle. The player's steps are broadcast live on YouTube and the popular video channel, as well as other great masters.

The 12th series is the most contested struggle in the history of the World Championship held since 1886. In accelerated games, Carlsen is seen as a favorite. Garry Kasparov, a former champion, argued that the offer of a draw in a Twitter message showed that Carlsen's nerves began to fall apart. In a normal game, each player is given 100 minutes and this time increases as the game progresses, this means that great masters can see the chess board for a few minutes without doing anything.

Doctor Dr. Carlsen,

Doctor Carlsen said, if he has a problem with him, he won't be able to get into the game, but we don't even sew. Right now .U

But in a quick series that will solve the equation 25 minutes, 4 matches are played. Ten seconds after each step. Two flash games (lightning) are then played. In this game, players are given five minutes each and three seconds after each step. Players are more likely to make mistakes in fast games.


If the equation is not broken here, Armageddon is accepted as a frightening dream & # 39; chess players and winners. In Armageddon, black is considered a winner. White plays more than one minute in black.

Carlsen will fight white in today's match's first set tiebreaker. Chess experts agree that Carlsen from Norway can outperform his opponent in the fast series. Because the Norwegian chess player beat Russian Sergey Karjakin in the New York City championship two years ago.

Carlsen had an accident the day he rested and his eyes turned purple.

Carlsen had an accident the day he rested and his eyes turned purple.


During the relentless struggle Carlsen was preparing for the tournament to leak through YouTube. Carlsen blushed in football during the rest day between matches, and this picture was on the international press agenda.


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