Wednesday , July 24 2019
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Tesla Updated Model S and X's Software Battery


Tesla announced that the Model S and Model X updated battery software after the disaster in Hong Kong.

Tesla announced on Wednesday that it would increase battery life and update Model S software and Model X for security. Updates affect the vehicle battery thermal management system. The source of this update, as you might expect, is the Tesla park which is self-lit in Hong Kong.


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In a statement from Tesla, Or Now, twice as much as last year, 500,000 of our vehicles were dusty on the road, and battery experts from the Tesla development team were investigating the cause of the accident by using all these vehicle data and trying to find a solution. Although accidents in Tesla vehicles are very rare and our vehicles are 10 times safer than gas-powered vehicles, we work hard to ensure that these accidents do not happen again. expression made.


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Updates to over-the-air software will help regulate the charging and cooling settings in the battery management system and help prevent situations where the unit enters a depressed level. In this way, the filling level will be managed more efficiently. The fact that the units are overcharged individually is not a common cause of accidents in modern electric vehicles and is not specific to Tesla.