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(SUMMARY) Results of the match Kasimpasa – Konyaspor: 1-1 – Kasımpaşa Haberleri

Atiker Konyaspor shares trump cards at Kasımpaşa. When coach Mustafa Denizli resigned within a week, the home team came to court under the management of coach İlyas Öztürk. 15 minutes, the left wing was developed in an attack in the penalty area Kasimpasa gathered Trezeguet, played with Perica. He did not let go of his goalkeeper Ertuğrul's right shot not to let go of his cross.

25 ℃ de Volkan nın rusty behind the ball defense back behind the Skuffic Scuffet keeper # and. On the ball again, goalkeeper Milosevic, Scuffet, did not release a goal. Omer Ali's hard shot kicked the ball wide. 0-1. The balance came in the 56th minute. Trezeguet hit the left corner from the left wing. In the middle of Hajradinovic, Ben Youssef's head shot meets a heavy goal: 1-1. Kasimpasa has secured 1 point with 1 point.

A few minutes from the match

11 minutes to the right wing of Popov 'nun filled the ball into the penalty area amid a head kick saved by Perica Ertuğrul's head.

24 minutes from the penalty area, which met the ball outside the penalty area, the Scuffet keeper kicked a corner.

25 minutes into the penalty area in the Volkan area the long pie ball met Skubic & # 39; the ball was returned from the Scuffet keeper and. The spinning ball hit the ball behind the stage, canned player Milosevic Scuffet and the ball remained in front of Omar. Omar's shot went to the round network. 0-1

56. Trezeguet's corner kick ın used in the corner gave Hajradinovic i. Hajradinovic opened the penalty area in the middle of the ball and met Ben Youssef who beat the round mesh network. 1-1

73. minutes into the penalty area, enter the field into the Koita throw field to the field.

90 + 2. Trezeguet 'hit the middle of the minute right hand per minute. Goalkeeper Ertugrul's ball at the last moment entered the game area.

country: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

referee: Contact Koray Gençerler directly

Kasimpasa: Xx fights, Popov xx, xx Veysel, Ben Youssef xxx, Karim Hafez xx, Tarkan xx, Ilhan x (Heintz min. 69 x), Hajradinovic xx (Jos. Sad min. 90 +1?), Koita xx, Trezeguet xx, Perica x (Veigneau min 46 x)

backup: Eray, Hasan, Ugurcan, Cagtay, Ozgur, Azad

Technically responsible: Example: İlyas Öztürk

Atiker Konyaspor: Ertugrul xx, Skx xx, Ali xx, Ugur xx, Ferhat xx, Volkan xx, Jevtovic xx, Omar Ali xx (Hurtado min. 77 x), Milosevic xx, Fofana xx (Hadziahmetovic min 65 x), Yatabare xx (Jahovic at 65 x)

backup: Serkan, Mücahit, Selim, Ali, Opanasenko, Mücahit Akçay

Technical Director: Contact Aykut directly

aim: Ömer (min. 25) (Konyaspor), Ben Youssef (min. 56) (Kasımpaşa)

Yellow card: Ferhat (Konyaspor), Ben Youssef (Kasimpasa)

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