Stop winter sickness with Egyptian pasta!


Ottoman History, 479 years ago by the master of a mixture of 41 spices made by Mr. Sultan Suleyman which is extraordinary Sultan Aysa Hafsa Sultan healing healing, winter diseases help protect. When the air starts to cool, respiratory and respiratory ailments such as influenza and flu increase and consumption of Egyptian pasta, which is considered good for residents, increases.

Ufuk Tanık, President of the Tourism Promotion and Promotion Association in Manisa, said: & # 39; We have worked intensively. We get requests for Egyptian products. Egypt is a source of energy. People say that when they throw Egyptian paste in hot water and consume it, they feel good for sore throats and relax. In winter, colds, flu and colds are believed to cure healing ailments like, "he said.

"As an association, we produce around 120 thousand tons of Egyptian pasta per year"

Expressing that they did not use much technology in production and they produced according to tradition, Tanik continued his speech as follows: l As an association, we produce around 120 thousand tons of Egyptian pasta per year. In summer, consumption drops by around 30 percent compared to winter. After September, when we enter winter, consumption increases. Every year we catch this tonnage

The Önemli Festival is very important in terms of promotion "

Expressing pastoral paste was a belief from the past, the Witness explained that the preparations for the 47th Macunu Egyptian Celebration would begin next week. The witness said, yep This year we will have a festival full of people. There are local elections in March. On March 21, there will be a mixed group ceremony. After the election in April my hair ceremony was finished. A festival that is very important in terms of promotions. It has an economic dimension. Traders can take part of it. How many people you bring from abroad, you contribute to the promotion of Manisa, he said.

Approved in 2016 as a source of healing

In 2016, Manisa Celal Bayar University (MCBU) prepared a mixture of 41 types of spices in the laboratory. It has been reported that it has a supportive effect in the treatment of diseases such as germ-crusher, calming stomach, rheumatism, inflammation, appetite, increased milk and urinary tract.


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