Shocking event! They adopt their own children.


After losing his identity, Cadre Özer surprised his life when he went to the Population Directorate to issue a new identity. Here, when he was told that he was adopted to be surprised at what happened to Cadre, this situation began to be questioned. As the question marks on his mind increased, he applied for the Esra Erol program to solve this problem.

Anne Hicran Özer stated that she brought her daughter Kader on May 21, 1993 and that she fell asleep to whom she was being treated, and that she had been kidnapped after being awake. Hicran Özer, who stated that the kidnapper's sketch was drawn with the help of his lawyer who was in the same room, said that the process was getting faster.

Father Idris Ozer, "I don't doubt my family, the officer who handed us a child with money at that time asked for 10 million TL," he said.

The process does not end there. After leaving the hospital, families searching for children were kidnapped everywhere, spreading images throughout the country. News in the newspaper. Because the kidnapper was afraid, he left his baby on a bus in Konya and a painful family took a baby from a child protection agent. It is a family identity that brings happiness to meet their children.

Surprise events Adopt their own children

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After an investigation initiated by the Public Prosecution Office of Izmir, the family was asked to carry out a DNA test. When it comes to results, it is said that the mother is not a biological mother. After this test, the case of nüfus canceling ic population registration was opened by the Child Protection Agency, Cadre, Idris-Hicran Ozer was excluded from the couple's population. The family never accepted this. Families, who have had children with them for a long time, were initially adopted by the host family and later by the lawsuit they submitted. This case process is problematic for the family. Because according to mother's law, the age of adoption is not aging. That's why it's getting older. In fact, the legal process for adopting children not to become pregnant because they may not be able to take care of legal proceedings continues.

Cadre Özer, now seems to be adopted in the family. The 25-year-old cadre, who was shocked by what happened, said, er Am I an adopted child? Or is the Idris-Hicran Ozer partner my biological family? Çift Esra Erol is looking for the answer.

Tomorrow's DNA test results will be announced at Esra Erol.

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