Samsun had an intimate relationship with extortion: 2 people were arrested


The event took place in the neighborhood of Samsun Canik Karşıyaka. According to information received, S.Y. Someone named H.K. US. and G. He complained about the fact that he had been tricked by a woman who had been extorted and had signed an appointment with him, confiscated his ID and received 2 thousand lira. Team Head of the Bureau of Public Security Directorate of the Police Branch Public Security Directorate, H.K. and G. U.S. and M.C. and take them to custody. G. D. In the search for the woman's house, S.Y. #a forced sign was signed with 1 blank bill, 3 pieces, 1 knife, S.Y. # in 1 identity card and a large number of explosives and bombs were confiscated. 4 people were asked to be transferred to Samsun Courthouse. 4 people who testified to prosecutors were sent to court to demand arrest. Sentenced to U.S. court. and G. and sent to Samsun Type T Closed Prison. and M.C. released on the condition that the court controls.


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