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Review of AKG N700NC wireless headsets

Review of AKG N700NC wireless headsets This is the video. Headphones are now an integral part of our lives. Headphones, which are present almost every time, have different alternatives for each preference. In this video, we are one of the AKG headset models AKG N700NC wireless headset the model under the lens.

Sold under the roof of Samsung AKG What advantages does the headset have from its competitors? How is the performance in daily use? We answer all these questions in the video.

Review of AKG N700NC wireless headsets

Review of AKG N700NC wireless headsets In this video, we take a closer look at the N700 NC, one of the family earbud headphones. We share the opening and inspection of your headset with you simultaneously.

If you want, without further ado, let us leave you with our video. Have fun …

Characteristics of AKG N700NC

Characteristics of AKG N700NC Details about design must begin first. Using metal, plastic and leather together, the headset gives users a feeling of luxury. On the left is music control, while on the right are buttons like power and Smart Media. Smart Media The button adjusts how much outside noise is in a noisy environment.

This headset is equipped with a 3.5 mm cable, microUSB charging cable and tote bag.

The headset, which can be said to be rich in bass, has a noise cancellation feature. 20 hours of battery life in wireless use AKG N700NC‘Reputation has applications for iOS and Android. Through this application it is possible to set headset features such as Smart Media. Auto shut off feature The headset can be turned off when this feature is turned on, if not used for a certain period of time. This prevents unnecessary battery usage.

Bose and Beats found important competitors on the front lines Characteristics of AKG N700NC want to stand out from competition with. This headset offers successful and moderate sound quality

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