PlayStation prices fall in Turkey | Birgün newspaper


Sony decided to cut the price of the PlayStation. As part of the holiday season, the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro is set at 3199 TL, while the PS4, which has two DualShock 4 and 1 TB capacities, is awaiting buyers for 2499 TL.

Simultaneously, the PlayStation VR package, which includes PlayStation VR, PS Camera and PS VR Worlds games, has also been reduced and the price has dropped from TL 2699 to TL 1799. However, the price of game consoles hasn't fallen. Some PS4 games also show significant price reductions.

NBA 2K19, WWE 2K19, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, Carnival Games, and GTA V will be sold at discounted prices until March 21. Just Cause 4 will be available on the market at recommended retail prices January 18 to February 4.


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