Nilgün Bodur cries for live broadcast: I see violence too


Nilgün Bodur, made a statement about the incident in the live broadcast of Ahmet Kural-Sıla.

Nilgun Bodur, "I also saw violence in the last relationship. 6 months of abolition of violence. Violence began to happen to women. He stopped for what he thought." Found in the description.

Nilgün Bodur's ex-girlfriend Gökhan Bey, connected with a live telephone broadcast, said, "There is violence against men, not for women. They cannot use me for their own advertisements. Why wait for two months? Nilgün Bodur is a person who uses alcohol and antidepressants. " Twice my neck, wrapping up my friends. I am the father of three children, I am an entrepreneur having a social environment. I can't work for 10 days. I also received an attack report. Nilgun took me to his house "said.


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Nilgün Bodur responds to his ex-girlfriend's claims by:

"I didn't even raise my hand. There was an apology for what someone had done. You were afraid of your life when you experienced violence. He said," I have an environment. "Gökhan's ex-wife had the decision to move. I held her chin. I received a report about the attack she received a report about the attack, I gave the hospital to court. She kicked my dog ​​into my blind dog. What is the report of this attack?"


"He cursed me with my neighbors. We can get through all difficult times. Control Anger can be a problem from people. I ruined my phone, I forgive it. More violence results in things you forgive. Susman must be people in situations like that is. & # 39; I will embarrass you throughout Turkey & # 39; he said. I want to know who will be humiliated in such a case? I want to leave Turkey when this happens. "


I am not someone who exploits emotions. I hope this is a lesson. Of course, men regret after committing violence. Thank you for social media. I currently have life as I imagined. Today, in this program, I have tears in my eyes that are two months old now. He threw me a steel towel next to my neighbor. Someone can curse me, but & # 39; who are you writing a book for? & # 39; It shouldn't be. We must not forgive violence. "

Seda Akgül has connected the live video of Nilgün Bodur to the telephone:

Akgül, "a woman to use antidepressants and alcohol to say, even violence, I was exposed to violence from my first wife. I also received a coup report. What will we do if we silence another woman? Insult and disobedience Gökhan Bey cannot treat you like this, something I didn't apply to him, the strength he would apply was the same strength, I no longer believed in men, women supported women.


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