Mustafa Sandal Announces Love from Social Media Accounts


Famous singer Mustafa Sandal Melis Suturur 19 years younger than him said that his love lives by sharing social media accounts.


Melis Sutluurup, a boutique owner and owner of a Mustafa Sandal boutique ın 20 years younger than her living in love with the press magazine has a great resonance. Following this accusation, Sandal released a video for the first time on a social media page at times with her lover. Sandals, like this, have confirmed his love accusations.


Sharing a part of the video from an Instagram account, Mustafa Sandal, shared the first "as I promised, I introduce it to you," he said. Mustafa Sandal's statement of love did not keep his followers silent. Mustafa Sandal video about social media accounts that share followers, "Mustafa Sandal rose like a girl," he commented. Another follower, "You really look good." commented.


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