Murders on the mosque grounds freeze blood


Faik Sinirlioglu, who sits in the Soğusu Giresun Görele Quarter district, came to the Hasanağa Mosque to attend the funeral of a relative. Sinirlioğlu, where they learned that hostility from Hakan A. was encountered.

Hakan A. Sinirlioğlu & nun debated for a moment and entered the courtyard for funeral prayers from his waist showering on tin. These moments are reflected in security cameras.

After the discussion, Faik Sinirlioglu, who was in his head, tried to escape by crawling. At this time, Hakan A. continued to shoot. At the time of the incident in the courtyard of the mosque lived in moments of surprise and fear reflected in the picture.

Hakan A. suspect on the murder page the police continued to question the police.



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