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Last minute: Brutality in Ankara! The operations team specifically conducts operations …

According to information received, Manolya Residence in the Mamak neighborhood, Emine Cakir sat at the House (39) and Habib K. (50) lived with his woman to come to his house.

Habib K, a parking lot in a car parked in the car after a while began blowing Blazing.

After a while with Çakır getting out of the car in front of the Habib K building, pulling a gun brought him a threat.

He shot while saying, "I won't hurt you."

Then Cakir "I did not hurt anyone," he shot several times Habib K, the hostage was taken seriously.

Meanwhile, Habib K heard gunfire and threatened the location not to approach private security guards.

A large number of police officers were sent to the scene at the end of the security guard, while Habib K. began shooting randomly.

Habib K, who saw the police in front of the scene in a short time, while shooting at the environment, "surrendered" in front of the gun pointing at himself.

The special operations team conducts the operation

After a while, the police tried to persuade the wounded female police team to send police to the suspects while fighting many private operations police and 112 Emergency Service teams shipped.

Meanwhile, the police team was far from the car park carrying it. The first aid team Emine Cakir lost their lives despite intervention.

Armored vehicles to the site of a special operations team around the building while taking major security measures Habib K was called to drop the gun.

He gave up on his family in an attempt to convince him

Refusing a police call for a long time, the suspect was handed over by his parents and son.

His son Osman K, who was shocked by the situation, cried and cried, approaching his father. Meanwhile, Habib K's father and mother spent a terrible time crying.

Then Habib K, the Murder Bureau by the Ankara Police Department was taken by the team.

Cakir married and separated from his wife seemed alive

The scene investigation team from the site found a large number of empty beehives.

The team that initiated an investigation into the incident, who lost his life and married his wife for a while Emine Cakir ın determined that it was alive.

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