Saturday , May 8 2021

Iniz Renews your life energy with ozone treatment "

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Gönül Göncü, especially recently complained about ozone therapy, fatigue, fatigue, lack of energy, …

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Gönül Göncü, ozone therapy, mainly complains of fatigue, fatigue, lack of energy, stress, stress at work, physical fatigue, mental fatigue is a very effective way to overcome fatigue, he said.

Medicana Konya Hospital, Specialist in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Gönül Göncü recently provided information about ozone treatment, which is one of the most commonly used treatments in the medical field. Ozone treatment, ozone is one of the treatments used for medical purposes, showing that Gunger, "Complementary medicine, what we call the last time, especially in the treatment of complementary medicine is one type of treatment that we see the effects of complementary medicine. Ozone oxygen is a form high energy Ozone is a gas that is usually found, has a unique odor, is colorless, usually a gas that protects our world from harmful sunlight.

Ozone can be used in many areas

Ozone therapy in the field of rheumatoid disease is most often used in the field. Dr. Gönül Göncü, "in this case, arthritis, bone resorption, arthritis, muscle rheumatism, waist, neck hernia, migraine, especially in neurological diseases, especially in headaches … In burns, diabetic foot ulcers, cardiovascular disease , varicose veins, except cancer, there are various types of cancer treatments, all of them are widely used in cosmetics, from sweat odor to hair loss, eczema to allergic reactions, without renewing skin blemishes, wrinkles and many other cosmetic purposes used. This slimming can be very effective in the form of saunas and also local injections that are quite effective, and in such cases, metabolic rate can be slightly accelerated, ozone therapy and weight loss can be facilitated more. 500 calories. In this case, diet plus exercise plus ozone are good choices, I think, "he said.

"Ozone treatment is very effective in cases of fatigue, weakness and loss of energy"

Dr. Ozan, who talked about the method of applying ozone therapy. "Blood, injections into the muscles, which we call vaccination, can be applied rectally and can be applied through the vagina. This can be applied through the nose, through the nose, with application directly to the skin." This can also be applied by injection into the tissue. The duration of the session can vary from 5 minutes to half an hour, depending on the procedure you take. If you do local practice, 5 minutes might be enough. One ozone sauna or bagging method can be applied for half an hour. So we can say 5 minutes to 30 minutes, "he said.

Exp. Dr. Gönül Göncü, ozone therapy, mainly due to the intense tempo of work, fatigue, fatigue, and loss of energy, such as emphasizing that this case is very effective, "We call it chronic fatigue, we call it a fight against stress. In such cases, strengthening is good "I especially recommend all of us especially recently complaining about fatigue, fatigue, lack of energy, stress stressed in business life, physical exhaustion, mental fatigue to overcome your life's energy to cure ozone," he said.

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