How long does the price of gold rise on the first day of the week? January 21, the price of quarter gold and grams of gold


The question of how much gold is the price of gold today is one of the most searched topics on the internet, the first values ​​of the day are clear in the morning hours. Gold prices, which receded at the end of the week, traded at 219 pounds per gram, followed by changes in gold investment prices, such as quarter gold and Republican gold. So after the last situation in the price of gold, how much gold investment today?

The price of gold starts with a new week's rise, until 3:00 p.m. 21,500 pounds. Gold quarter 359.60 pounds at the Grand Bazaar, Republic gold is sold at a price of 1.480 pounds.

The price of gold in Asian markets following a flat course is currently trading at $ 1,283 below the previous closing.

AA Islamic Memis Financial Analyst, last week shrinking the value of the dollar and gold ounces, led to a decline in gold prices, which stated that this week, in support of 217 gold lira in gold, 225 lira emerged as resistance resistance.

Optimism in the trade war caused prices to drop 97 prices at the bottom of Memis to record Memiş, and Rebounds in the Dollar Index could pressure precious metals. found in the evaluation.

Memi said today that markets in the US are closed due to official holidays, while in Germany producer price index data will be followed.


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