He learned a hole in his heart after 31 years


Hasan Köroğlu, who worked as a psychological counselor at a primary school in Antalya, went to the doctor last June because he was pounding in his heart. In the examination, a 32 mm diameter hole was detected in the heart. Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Dr. Dr Huseyin Okutan after the examination, the heart of the hole will be closed by surgery, he said. Hasan Köroğlu, who had been operated on after the investigation, had closed the hole in his heart for 31 years. Hasan Köroğlu was discharged 3 days after surgery and returned to normal life.

Hasan Köroğlu said that he was surprised to learn that he had heart disease and said he was nervous. He is looking for a doctor to treat him. Dr. Hüseyin Okutan "The intersection with the road notes Hasan Köroğlu," I can run out no later than 3 days, my doctor says I can return to normal life in 1-2 weeks. After the operation the process goes as I said. "Nothing the current problem, I can travel freely, "he said.


professor Dr. Hüseyin Okutan said that congenital heart disease can remain hidden until they are diagnosed in their 30s and 40s. Among these, & # 39; defective septal septum & # 39; most common (ASD), which is called the heart of the peak peak of the hole between the opening of the meeting. Dr. Okutan said: "Our patients do not complain until this age, but normal examination reveals that the wall between the atria does not develop and there is a large hole. We need open heart surgery, but we cut a 6-7-inch incision from the armpit. We have closed the hole with a membrane our own heart, which is very common today, where patients can immediately mobilize and return to their daily lives quickly.In neck and groin vessel surgery, this hole is closed to the heart using only the ribs. Patients only have a few days to return to their daily lives. "



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