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He killed his girlfriend for drowning his baby! Azeri woman …

The incident took place on 1 December 2017, at the entrance to the environmental campus of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the central Seljuk district. Azeri Aysel Eshme, who works at the bar, divorced his wife, an industrial craftsman from M.E. (39) 2 years before the date of the event; but the couple continued to live together. His sons were born. Eshme left M.E. about 2 months before the event and started living with Ümit Göker. Eshme, divorced his wife from his wife the month before the event, leaving 9 months Emir Göker 's life, going to the bar where he works. Göker also claimed that the night fell from the Emir's couch, the Selcuk University Medical School took him. The small command was treated in the intensive care unit because of life-threatening conditions. The doctor, the medical condition of the suspected baby, the hospital police on the notice of Ümit Göker, was taken into custody. Göker was sent to court after his interrogation at the police station.


Aysel Eshme, ex-wife of M.E. On the day of the event, he went to the police station and got information about the Ümit Göker situation. The two then went to the hospital to meet their son. Meanwhile, Göker called Eshme on the telephone. After the interview, Ümit Göker came to the duo by car. Talk to Esker, who got off the car to talk to Eshme. Eshme, how the boy arrived at this situation, Göker also said that his baby was panting. After that, Eshme carried a knife 50 meters away. Umut Göker, who was taken to the Medical Faculty of Selcuk University by ambulance, died of all interventions.


Aysel Eshme, who was detained by police at the scene, is undergoing a medical examination. Eshme, reporter, "Why did you kill?" tears in the question & # 39; & # 39; My child sank into a blanket. The doctor said he did not breathe, oxygen did not enter his brain. I do it for him. I regret. "Aysel Eshme was arrested by the court when he was transferred to the courthouse and the little Emir died shortly after the incident.


The case against the defendant defendant Aysel Eshme, Konya's 1st Criminal High Court, & # 39; design and slaughter & # 39; who was charged with a case of imprisonment that made life worse. Aysel Eshme, the court in the trial before the court was not in place, previously received psychological treatment and the problem still continued, he suggested. The court then asked the court to send Eshme to the Presidency of the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Aysel Eshme continued his trial with a heavy life sentence. Eshme participated in a trial with the Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS) of the Tarsus Closed Penitentiary. The court told the court that the October 22 examination of the Forensic Medical Institute had reached them. In the report, the criminal responsibility of the person and the freedom of consciousness and freedom of movement to eliminate or reduce all types of mental illness and mental retardation are not specified, in the investigation of the defendant's forensic file, and the result of violations to understand the legal the behavior. there was no medical evidence and documents to show that he was in the presence of mental damage which would eliminate the ability to direct direction, and according to this situation, it was decided unanimously that Aysel Eshme had full criminal responsibility during the incident.

Aysel Eshme's mental health and judicial capacity were decided to be found, the trial was postponed.

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