He Jiankui, a scientist who changed baby genes: I am proud of my success


He changed embryonic DNA during IVF treatment in China and claimed that he was immune to AIDS.

Speaking at the Genome Summit in Hong Kong, He said he was proud of his work and claimed that other embryos were able to change their genes. Jiankui said pregnancy, which was the subject of his latest experiment, was still in its infancy.

He said he was NOT a student

The South Shenzhen University of Science and Technology, where He Jiankui works, also said that the investigation was carried out without realizing it.

Many scientists, such as experiments on healthy embryos, are truly unethical, he said. He Jiankui said that twins named Lulu and Nana were born healthy and that they would follow the development of children for the next 18 years.

Seven women who were pregnant from men who carried HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) were included in this study.

He Jiankui said that he sent his findings to academic journals to be published, but did not reveal what the magazine was.


Speaking at the BBC, Oxford University Ethics Professor Julian Savulescu said, If this research is true, it is just horrible. nothing but harm ".



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