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He bought a store data book and paid the debt of 20 families


Someone who is looking for Kadir Alaç's phone call, which is a grocery store in the Özerler Quarter of Lüleburgaz province, said that he wanted to buy the data sheet. Alaç books can be sold in stores 4 days before someone comes to someone, the sender himself and says he will buy the book with a bill.

Alaç said he was surprised by the offer and said, "I was surprised. He insisted on taking his notebook. I got six thousand 857 pounds. As a result of the exchange with 6 thousand lira took bills from us. I know that our ancestors did this, there are these things in the Ottoman Empire. There are still people who continue this tradition.

I don't know him, I don't know, but I am very grateful to him. That's not very good. There are 20 households in this book. 20 of these households desperately need low income. He likes them. I want to thank him from here, Ben

Kadir Alaç, a grocery store, said that they were very surprised to learn that some of the clients' debts that came to pay their debts were paid by the recipient. Alaç, after paying debts in a debt book, instead of thick notebooks is now starting to use thin notebooks, he said.

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