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Haber Someone needs to tell Galatasaray '- Sports News

UEFA Champions League Group D match 5 Galatasaray, away from Lokomotiv Moscow 2-0 defeated during the match after the match at legendary publisher Galatasaray Tugay Kerimoğlu commented on the meeting using striking expressions.

Kerimoğlu said, Ker I can't accept this. You win, you lose. But if you are far from the spirit of struggle, you experience this problem if you play at a high level. Galatasaray players in the player group must notify Galatasaray. I know how my club for 13-14 years struggled here, but it won't be too much

& # 39; I am angry … & # 39;

Yapı I say that I have Galatasaray today, but far from anything, there is a fragile structure that is very dangerous when defeated. Fragility starts in any match. I'm nervous. I am angry. The loss instinct has stood on some of them. I'm not like that. I am the one who wants to win, Kazan

Görüntü You are looking for, a team that goes crazy on the edge of the field, a totally different view on the field. We were defeated at Gençlerbirliği in Ankara. Fatih Hoca, announced that he would leave at a press conference. We started to shake the bus. "If the teacher leaves, we go too," he said. Our 1996-2000 process, which we took UEFA, began as a team there

November 28, 2018

Mehmet Demirkol from the Lokomotiv Moscow-Galatasaray match
Galatasaray beat Lokomotiv Moscow 2-0 in the Champions League. Here is an explanation of Demirkol …
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