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Gareth Bale: Zidane, Real Madrid striker will be announced.

Real Madrid, breaking the world record in 2013, transferring Tottenham Hotspur and # 100 million euros, but the star of the peace fan announced that the team would leave Gareh Bale.

Speaking for Bale who did not take part in the losing match to Bayern in the International 3-1 Champions Cup match, Zinedine Zidane said, "We hope to leave as soon as possible. We are trying to move to a new team. This will be the best for everyone , "he said.

The Welsh player is not a personal problem indicating that Zidane, "It's time to change things. You need to make a decision. We need to change and this changes the decision of the player who knows the situation. The situation will change. I don't know whether it will be 24 or 48 hours. it will be better, "he said.

Gareth Bale, who suffered injuries in his final season and played 42 matches with Real Madrid, most of them later, were often booed by fans last season. 3 years until Bale's contract ends, 79 matches in the last 4 years have been able.

Last season, the majority of Bale on the bench, Real Madrid, was the worst performance in the last 20 years, and league 12 beat 68 points and finished third in the league. Real Madrid have 19 points fewer than champions Barcelona, ​​the last 16 of the Champions League surprisingly eliminated Ajax semifinals a.

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