Flash claims about reducing fuel oil


Yasar, said in a statement, the decline in fuel prices by some dealers did not reflect the pump, he argued.

Yaşar states that this is opportunism, "7 liralara foreign currencies fall into 5 opportunities, even though there are people who benefit from that difference." Iuse fade.

Yşar, who said he should not supervise opportunists, continued:

"The price of fuel is related to foreign currencies, but they don't go down. The reason why it doesn't fall is opportunism, as is the case for various goods.

Yaşar stated that residents must inform the authorities of them which does not reflect the discount to the pump.

Ali Ufuk Yaşar touched on economic developments and said:

"We reaffirm our call for the collection of the Economic and Social Council. We must gather all relevant information on this issue, state general statements about the current economic situation and its consequences to improve the rights and benefits of our employees to turn the wheel, especially the increase in minimum wages .



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