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Fenerbahce Gomis bomb … The last minute Fenerbahce transfers news 19 November Monday – Football

Fenerbahce's rival, the former Galatasaray star, Bafetimbi Gomis, is thought to have carried out secret work. It was claimed that Comolli, who was a close friend of star soccer player Patrick Mendy, had always talked about this issue and had made significant progress. It was claimed that Comolli wanted to use Aatf or Dirar who were outside the team in exchange for this transfer. Talking about it and saying that Gomis was happy in Al Hilal Mendy's team, Gomis said that Fenerbahce's transfer was just a rumor.

Skrtel's future

Fenerbahce experienced the worst season in its history. Yellow-Lacivertliler people who have problems on the road, defensive defense is also important. Glasgow Rangers Scotland team long-term contract with the Slovak defender's contract ends at the end of the season. Management plans to sit on the stove with only one of the many players who will end their contract in June. Koeman da Comolli also supports to continue with an experienced defender. The 33-year-old Slovakian is expected to offer a 2-year contract.

Transfer target

Fenerbahce's summer transfer will not reflect delays between circuits. In the first half the left-hand midfielder and the game behind the defense of the team's ability to hold the ball will be increased. According to Dutch press reports, Nicolas Isimat-Mirin, France defender PSV, who had worked intensively for the start of the season, and Yassin Ayoub, the center of left Feyenoord, were negotiating again.

Zinchenko's claim

Fenerbahce, this season at Manchester City cannot find opportunities to form more than Zdefenko can take action between the circuits. Yellow-Lacivertliler this season, the England team in just 4 matches for Ukrainian players who can play on the circuit is preparing to offer rents between circuits.
Fenerbahce Galatasaray in Turkey before being recommended 26-year defender Diego Reyes, coach Fatih Terim did not check. The manager agreed to sit at the table with Damien Comolli.

Free Vermaelen

He has decided not to renew the contract with Thomas Vermaelen, who is on the transfer list for Barcelona, ​​Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. Moved to Arsenal in 2014 to 19 million euros, 33-year-old Vermaelen was able to survive only 160 minutes in 3 matches this season.

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Koeman's list

Fenerbahce starts operations before the intermediate transfer period. According to A Spor's claim, the Dutch who would remain on the team wanted the following 3 names: Eduardo Salvio, Alberto Moreno, Kenneth Zohore.

Salvio, one of the three names Fenerbahce wants to hire, is one that Benfica really needs. Argentina, right-wing form of Argentina, high attention to form cannot find an opportunity to form Moreno with many clubs in Park with F. Garden, who works on the Spanish track, 2014-15 10 million euros have been transferred from Sevilla. The Zohore striker, who cannot take time this season, the Premier League, has not been able to experience the joy of a goal.

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