Energy Minister Dönmez's last statement about the price of electricity and natural gas


Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez touched on many issues on NTV, ranging from US sanctions to nuclear power plants, from drilling operations to problems in the Eastern Mediterranean. Minister Donmez electricity and natural gas prices, "When conditions occur at falling new year costs there may be discounts, but it is impossible to say today," he said.

Note from Minister Dönmez's statement;


* (About US sanctions in Iran): He began to impose sanctions unilaterally. Energy is one of the most important. We have stated that all countries, especially neighboring countries, will be affected. 25 percent release on questions in Turkey. We have a 5-6 year natural gas contract with Iran. TÜPRAŞ looks for alternatives. They continue to look for alternatives on the market in a way that will not cause problems related to fuel. It not only affects the people of Iran but also the people in the region. We have stated that this sanction will not be applied. Time will be displayed. Turkey's position is clear. Unilateral sanctions not only affect the Iranian people, but also people in the region. When you look at Iran, there is an annual production of 5 million barrels. When we see this world, 5% of them are exported. In Turkey between them.

* We understand that the US will assess the situation again after 6 months. That's their position. However, we continue our search so as not to remain without alternatives. The private sector will continue at TÜPRAŞ.

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* (About the Fatih Ship): Over the past 2 weeks, the public has met with enthusiasm. We launch national ships. Top 5 in the world in its class. We just talked to our manager. Now it has landed at a depth of 3,0005 meters. Drilling will be completed in 5 months. We will not throw towels, we will push them to the end. We will continue to investigate until we find it.


* (About Eastern Mediterranean) There is one thing that we don't realize about anyone's source. We don't want anyone to interfere in our work in our own fields, and our ship Fatih is also a drilling ship. It is possible to evaluate the Cipras statement as follows: We hope everyone will work in their field. Nobody wants tension to increase. We will work in our own fields, so they work in their own fields.

* We do not find steps that violate the rights of our citizens in Cyprus. This is the case in Cyprus.


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* (About new drilling vessels) Purchase of the second drilling vessel is carried out. We will see our ship in Turkish territorial waters to be tested. We will continue drilling activities in the Black Sea. The technical specifications are the same as our Fatih ship. Can open 2 drill holes a year.


* (About natural gas) We have no problem. We have taken our storage capacity on the natural gas side very seriously. We put floating energy into the system, so it doesn't matter. We have a system to supply up to 300 million cubic meters of gas. We have been able to supply 303 million gas to the system. If we look at this year 260 years this year we have made a backup. We have transformed secondary fuel into a power plant with secondary fuel. We have no problem. Taking into account increasing demand, we continue to work on storage. We have a storage capacity of 600 million cubic meters in Salt Lake. In 2 years we will increase to 1 billion, in 4 years to 5.4 billion cubic meters. Credit financing is also provided. We are in work that will increase 2.8 billion in Silivri to 5 billion cubic meters. We will reach up to 10 billion cubic meters. We aim to achieve storage of at least 20 percent. There is no problem in the gas. But don't use it for a while. We import 98-99%. Let us recommend using energy. No problem, but the principle of saving must be followed.


* (About Discounts): There is no salary increase until Christmas. Rates are announced every 3 months. Calculate costs before arriving. There are promising developments after YEP. Decreases according to the first. There is a decrease in inflation. This affects costs positively. But we have to work and then we can say something. We must explain how energy prices occur. We have also stated in the budget commission.


* About 168 billion kilowatt hours of electricity are supplied from 112 procurement companies. But retail is part of an electricity distribution company like TEDAŞ. They also get electricity from the free market. How prices are formed. There is an energy exchange. Because inventory and demand are over, a broken number will be formed. There is a price between the amount we sell and the price of the free market. 70 percent of the free market price is reflected in the average EİAŞ & # 39; ın. Of course there is also natural gas and oil that affect it. Also the effect of the exchange was also somewhat affected. Increased costs. We can also say that. Both EİAŞ and BOTAŞ offer cost-effective prices for small and medium-sized consumers.

* We will see again when it comes to Christmas. There may be a reduction if costs fall at the start of the year, but it's impossible to say today.

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* (About fuel): In June, this system triggered abnormal fluctuations in oil prices and negative effects of exchange rate fluctuations. Maybe this is earlier, when the market is balancing. Over a period of 6 months, fuel consumers were not negatively affected.


* (About nuclear power plants): The foundation was founded in April at Akkuyu. Work continues. In 2023, we aim to bring facilities to our Republic's 100th anniversary. We work with Japan in Sinop. Our experts are evaluating. We can get results at the end of the year. We have a third nuclear project with China. Location comes forward as Thrace. Do it to places where important consumption is important to minimize energy losses. There are 25-30 criteria. This criterion needs to be studied. We will continue to grow in nuclear.


* 4 winds are continued with 3 solar energy. In another study, we conducted GES from east to west. We will have a 40-50 megawatt YEKA auction. YEP Model is only the model we try we warmly welcome our guests not to Turkey. Models for construction and financing.

* (About Productivity): When you see an area it's as easy as possible. It is possible to use the project more efficiently. Until 2023, $ 10 billion in data acquisition. Everyone has a job. We will use credit from the World Bank to be used to save public buildings. Need to be discussed more broadly.


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