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Erdogan, the party candidate candidate was introduced after a meeting next to the doctor who came to the Vezirköprü Karakus State Hospital, who wanted to marry a doctor calling Us Usü.

Erdogan, who had met Usul's father briefly, asked Seçil Usul for Karakuş. Received a positive response from Usul's father, Erdogan, "You are happy that two young people, happy, you must hurry. Good luck, don't stretch too much." he said. Erdogan thanked Usul's father, saying the young couple could participate in the marriage.

From President Erdogan to the doctor

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Ibrahim Hakki Karakus, who along with Erdogan when Proposed to speak with his father, kissed President Erdogan's hand and thanked him.

From President Erdogan to the doctor


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