Comolli is no longer authorized to transfer


Comolli is no longer authorized to transfer

Bad progress at Fenerbahce. Trabzonspor beat again in 15th place in the yellow-player assistvertlilerde out of the squad, Cocu was sent out. Now there is a French football man, Comolli.

According to the news, Turkey, players taking charge and the performance of the debate in French football man, not only suggested a decision to no longer transfer. The rope will be in the hands of manager Selahattin Baki, who is responsible for the football branch. Earlier, United's Sheffield United manager and transfer market dominated Tray, the yellow-drawer fulllilerde authority would manage the reinforcement work.


Selahattin Baki spent a lot of time working in Samandir and trying to get out of team psychology by doing one-on-one interviews with the players, and he had taken gas for transfers.

Contrary to the fact that Damien Comolli recently said that transfers were not possible in the interim period, yellow-profilevertliler now plans 3-4 reinforcements. Transfers do not only include soccer players. Negotiations begin for a new teacher.

An important detail in Comolli-Baki's change was the fact that the transfer policy would be completely changed by limiting Comolli's power, which was not hot for Turkish players and teachers.


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