Çiğdem Çakırer, Adopting Murders on Live Broadcasts


Müberg Anlı published on the ATV Hard times screen with his sister killed in the Rigid Hard program before protecting his brother's wife Çiğdem Çakırer admitted, "My wife killed my brother Brother Karadavut." he said.

After 12 years, the mother changed her statement.

There was another murder confession in the live broadcast of Müge Anli. Müge Anlı, who has completed many events recently, signed a successful program again. Durna Karadavut, mother of Filiz Karadavut's sister, who disappeared 12 years ago, made a statement to the prosecutor's office and groom Umut Çakırer was also arrested. Çiğdem Çakırer claimed that his sister was still alive and her husband was innocent in prison. The mother of three children Çiğdem Çakırer said that her mother was surprised to give a statement after 12 years in one hour. Durna Karadavut said that Muge Anli wanted to join the program many years ago and was blocked by his daughter. Maintaining his wife's ongoing innocence with Ms. Çiğdem Hanım ı Müge Anlı shared witness testimony in the prosecution. Çiğdem Çakırer, Durna Hanay's mother many years ago if the statement was submitted to the prosecutor's office said that his life could be formed in a different direction. Cigdem Hanim's brother, Murat Karadavut, said that his mother suspected Umut Cakir, his son-in-law, before his brother disappeared. In addition, he indicated that the activities of the incident related to the security of his brother-in-law showed Umut Cakirer i.


After the broadcast, Müge Anlı continued to speak with Çiğdem Çakırer in the studio. In the face of Müge Anli's question, Çiğdem Çakırer said that her husband Umut Çakırer had killed his brother Filiz Karadavut.


An audience member who did not want to mention his name died in detention. Filiz Karadavut's sister, Cıdıdem Çakırer, Umut Çakırer made an amazing claim, saying that he was with the police during the show. Murat Karadavut argued that his brother-in-law, Umut Çakırer, had created differences of opinion between the Karadavut family in the past. Abla Badegül said he acknowledged the prohibition on eating Filiz against his brother-in-law. In addition, Çiğdem Çakırer summoned his brother Filiz Karadavut, who he claimed had met accidentally in 12 years.


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