Armed attack on the taxi driver in Bayrampasa


The event, Terazidere Mahallesi Çiftehavuzlar Street took place around 00.30.

Allegedly, the Turquoise taxi driver, Nihat Elçi, took passengers from Besiktaş to a taxi to Bayrampasa. Here, the suspicious person hugs Elçi's car as a customer. After traveling by vehicle for a while, the suspect who took his gun, fired taxi driver Elçi for unspecified reasons. After the incident, the suspect immediately moved from the scene.


The medical team from the scene brought the seriously injured taxi driver to the nearest private hospital. Elçi was taken to the intensive care unit after the intervention and learned that the conditions that threatened his life continued.


Police look for suspects everywhere Police teams act on notices coming to the scene and conducting investigations. The Bayrampasa Public Security Bureau and Murder Bureau began working to arrest suspects who had escaped from the scene. Terrorous moments inside the camera In the image reflected on the vehicle's camera, people suspected of dressing like customers sit in the back seat of a vehicle and shoot taxi drivers.

While the taxi driver saw Elçi stay in the blood, the suspicious person looked in front of the vehicle. Then the suspect quickly moved away from the scene.


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