According to doctors this is a chance: stomach ache saves his life!


Metin Dede, 65, who lived in Izmir Karsiyaka last week was admitted to a private hospital emergency room with severe abdominal pain. As a result of the examination, the patient's aortic aneurysm ruptures.

Regarding this, the hospital Cardiovascular Surgeon, Prof. Dr. Eyüp Hazan and his team decided to conduct emergency operations Metin Dede. Metin Dede, health worker against the fight against time has managed to survive.

& # 39; PATIENT LUCKY & # 39;

professor Dr. Hazut's eyut, aortic vein tear is an important health problem, 50 percent of patients die after a few minutes, the program said.

Metin Dede is a very lucky patient, Prof. Dr. Eyup Hazan said: "This disease is a dangerous and dangerous disease, most of the time is blocked by chance. Abdominal pain is a common disease, but in some cases it can be very stimulant. Patients can accumulate all blood volume in one to two minutes. Figures the death of the patient is high.In the case of Metin Bey, the explosion recedes, and the tearing of the back of the abdomen slowly causes rupture of the stomach.


Stated that the mortality rate in aortic vessels ruptured was 80%, Prof. Dr. Eyut Hazan, the time of their intervention to the patient was very effective in the healing process, a successful 3-hour operation at the end of Dedecının managed to stand up again, he said.

& # 39; JUST HAVE WOMEN SICK & # 39;

Metin Dede also said that a friend underwent surgery in the aortic artery last year due to an aneurysm and he heard the name of the disease for the first time.

There were health problems before, said Dede, "That day I suffered a severe stomach ache. I went to the hospital, the doctor told me my aorta had exploded. & # 39; They had to be operated on immediately." I feel good now. the intervention lasted, "he said.


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