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& # 39; CHP will go to the polling station & # 39;

Meral Akşener: CHP voters will go to the polling station

Chairman of the GOOD Meral Akener Party, "2 million 780 thousand CHP voters in a study in Istanbul, the district seems to have gone to the polling station. 3 million 700 thousand immediately did not go to AK Party voters. CHP voters will go to the ballot box together," he said.

WALL – Chair of the BEST Party, Meral Akşener, Karabuk Provincial Presidency in his party in a hotel in Safranbolu district spoke at the iftar program. Akşener, said that they said nothing at all in the local elections that were left behind, they wanted it from citizens, supporting the party if they supported the election was a race service without forgetting that friendship and friendship should not be forgotten.

Akşener stated that everyone had requested that elections be held in Istanbul and that everyone was told that Ekrem İmamoğlu would win.

Akşener, which advocates for the country's economic crisis, criticized the government's foreign policy through S-400 missiles.


Akşener stressed that Ekrem İmamoğlu was a candidate for 16 million Istanbul people and everyone had to take care of him. 3 million 700 thousand immediately did not leave the AK Party voters. CHP voters go to the ballot together will give. You will also look for 3 million 700 thousand AK Party voters one by one. You will ring the doorbell and say you want their voice

Akşener, who claims that very bad language will continue in renewed elections, recalled the statement of Mayor Esenler Tevfik Göksu and stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan must remove the president or resign from the president.

Akşener underlined that they will discuss different things in the upcoming Ramadan as long as these people do not order themselves, and ask the hall members not to interfere with their brotherhood, environment, and friendship.

Akşener ended his speech by mentioning that Elif Köse, Mayor of Safranbolu, would succeed and that he saw his youth in him.

Deputy Chair of CHP Karabük Hussein Avni Aksoy, Elif Kose and party members participated in this program.

Akşener also visited the provincial head of the Karabük party, after a while the conversation with the party left the city. (Karabuk / A)

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