Saturday , October 23 2021

$ 1 billion to reduce the current flow – Last Minute Economic News


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Cengiz Holding General Manager Murat Ergnl, Eti Bakr and Eti Alminyuma make up to 2023 to $ 1 billion in new investments in industrial facilities will reach 10 thousand people, noting that new investments will be replaced in 2023 to close to $ 2 billion, he said.

1,500 people are needed

Ergnl, which was the first hostel of Istanbul Airport to meet with economic press representatives, shared the target of 2023 Cengiz Holding. Ergnl, Eti Bakr and Eti Alminyum company, like the closure of two companies, 10 billion $ 1 million 175 million dollars in 10 years they say they invest. Ergnl stated that 5,000 people at the Eti Bakr and Eti Alminyum facilities and the construction of Metal Recycling and Integrated Gbre Facilities in Mardin with an investment of 1.2 billion dollars. At the end of this investment, we will not win this year. At the end of this year, Mardine will get 500 people and the total work in our industrial company will exceed 6 thousand people. We are currently replacing 800 million dollars at this time. In 2023, we will replace Ethiop Bakr and Eti Alminium with $ 1 billion in new investment in 2023 and replace it to 2 billion dollars by 2023. Ann annum Turkey will now be 50-60 billion dollars, that will be 4% karlayacaz, "he said .

Electric oton heart

At Mardin Integrated Facilities, Ergnl stated that they would also need cobalting from major battery components, such as smart phones, tablets, computers and electric cars. Our facilities will be located among cobalt makers in the world. Turkey, ready to do its original car, but Cobalt will not live.

Domestic Zirr is coming

Dr. Murat Ergnl, Seydiehirde Eti Alminum, ore is the only plant in retin alminium Tryer, adding that new engineers were developed by Trk and two new strategic plans to invest $ 560 million. One of these two, alminay special, can only reject the US, Germany and Hungary. Raw materials, which are transparent almina raw materials, are ok, and it is difficult to supply the development of these "ok" wet dwellings.

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