Watch the movie "The House Series 2.2" … Come to the end with the film Local Content that many people are waiting to see.


I will see the action before the film (21 Nov 61). House Series 2.2 I did not escape the sensor. With a crying scene. The film was released on November 22, 61, but with the best effort. Finally, on November 24, 61, the 2.2 home series was released nationally.

Good response to revenues of 50 million baht.

Starting from the first house, this series uses the first strategy of a wild herd. Famous in the Northeast. Local styles that reflect the lives of people in real estate will say that home is not a film art. Not a leather market This should be called Local Authentic Content.

Although not in the main market of Bangkok. But with the power of the film. Finally, cinemas in Bangkok must find a film to display. And successfully, it must grow. Universe There are 2.1 and many are waiting 2.2.

So after a few days movie. I have generated more than 50 million in revenue. And maybe a hundred million is certain.

Films that are local content that hit local people and successful Thai homes tend to inspire. To many people who want to make their own local films. Don't depend on the primary market. I will do it.

While working on the director's Facebook work.
Home Cinema 2.2 via sensor. Urgent to be sent to theaters throughout the country. // Image from Facebook director.

I will not escape censorship, but the power of the "free house" is gone.

Who hasn't seen the scene without censorship. This film is not scheduled at the beginning, see here.

Surasak Poetry The director revealed via Facebook. Take this scene two days to prepare one day to expect that this scene is the saddest scene in the story. I want to be a scene where everyone has to cry or feel it. I want to be excited. But even without this scene in the movie, it doesn't matter, just to be sure.

Many people don't understand why not through censorship. Because the priests are people. A pastor Practice doctrine, but that does not mean that all passions are cut off. But not through sensors. The team cuts the scene. But echoes from viewers say that it doesn't make films to watch movies in any way. (If not removed) May have shed tears)

In another corner the film does not pass the sensor. Cannot be projected according to schedule. Return to film. Many people are waiting to see. The more you wait, the more you wait. Who doesn't watch? It is interesting to see that the transition from crisis to opportunity to get more attention.

I have to wait.

Normal Thai films must be careful of Hollywood films. I will take and turn to the cinema. Especially in the main markets of Bangkok and major cities, but the home of this series shows. Penetrate the provincial market and gradually invade the city. This is an effective strategy.

Of course, when the film reaches this size. There is no sequel to see how. With more experience. Tales of the House Series 2.2 is very fun to tell many web pages, many pages are rated in grades 8-9 and end with sequels. As announced on I don't know what to do.

I haven't seen a house from series 2.2 to see the first and second to 2.1 and won't be confused and ready to wait. Must see the way.

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