Wednesday , August 4 2021

The news opens the timeline of 2 people infected with COVID-19 in Bangkok.

Time 11:30 today (6 Dec 20) at the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Disease Control There is a press release from the Commission on the COVID-19 situation in Thailand by Dr. Thaweesilp Witsanuyothin, spokesperson for NESDB, and Dr.Sopon Iamsirithawong. Director of the General Infectious Diseases Division Yang revealed the timeline of infected people in the country In the Bangkok area, the two people reported today are a 26 year old Thai woman and a Thai transgender man aged 30 years, at least 5 people are at high risk and 10 are at least 10 people at risk low exposed.

For the chronology of a 30-year-old transgender patient who fell ill on 30 Nov ’20, from the history of the investigation it is known that on 6 Nov 2020 a plane was found from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Mae Fah Luang Airport, Chiang Rai Province, 6-27 November 20 to an entertainment venue. Tachileik Province of Myanmar Dan returned to Thailand on 27 Nov 20 to live with a 26 year old Thai woman at a hotel in Mae Sai District

Then, on Nov 28, 63, shop at the market from 10am to 5pm buying things like stones, necklaces and plums. Then in the evening, walk around Mae Sai, then on November 29, 20, walk to Wat Phra That Doi Wao. Eating rice, a la carte restaurant in Mae Sai market Until 30 Nov ’20, before starting to get sick again with low fever Stay at hotel until evening. Before calling a taxi to Chiang Rai airport. Wearing these two masks. Afternoon return to Bangkok. By Thai Lion Air Flight SL545 from 19.15 – 20.00 WIB Arriving at Don Mueang Airport, take an airport taxi back. Between 1-3 Dec’20, he continued to stay at home, then on 4, 20 December he came to be examined at the Tropical Medicine Hospital. By driving your own car The results showed the infection was found. Because it’s recognized

The 26-year-old Thai woman fell ill on December 4, 20. For the timeline it is known that on 6 November, flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Mae Fah Luang Airport on 6-27 Nov 20. Entertainment venue Tachileik Province of Myanmar Returns to Thailand on 27 Nov ’20 Staying together at a hotel in Mae Sai district with a transgender patient at 28 Nov 20 for shopping at the market from 10:00 – 17:00. Buy saws and plums. At night, head to the trails of Mae Sai.

On 29 November 20, we went to Wat Phra That Doi Wao. In the afternoon return to Bangkok. By Thai Smile Airline Flight WE 137, take an airport taxi to a hotel in the Bangkok area. Go to a convenience store near the hotel on November 30 – December 3 20. Stay at the hotel all this time. Go shopping at the convenience store near the hotel.

Then on December 4, we made friends with the first transgender patient. Sick and runny nose on 5 Dec ’20 came to be examined at the Tropical Medicine Hospital Who came by taxi The results showed an infection was found.

But for the two patients, at least 15 people had close contact, divided into 5 high-risk people, 4 community contacts, consisting of in Chiang Rai Province, 2 of whom were friends in Mae Sai district, and were not detected.1 One more person waiting to follow and one person in Pathum Thani province is a contact in the following household. There was also one contact person in the vehicle in Chiang Rai, who took a taxi on Mae Sai going to the airport, flight SL 545 on 30 Nov 20 and flight WE 137 on 29 Nov 20.

At least 10 people exposed to low noise became contacts throughout the community, gathering at places in Chiang Rai, such as Mae Sai Market, Walking Street and hotels in Mae Sai. Mae Fah Luang Airport Whereas in Bangkok, 10 people consist of taxis at Don Mueang Airport. One return passenger can be followed. Hotels in Bangkok Convenience store near hotel. Taxis transfer patients to hospital. And watched the other 8

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