"Thai Airways" was ordered to dismantle pilot revenues. Aim to use a new system. Complete the resignation resignation pilot! – News



"Thai Airways" was ordered to dismantle pilot revenues. Aim to use a new system. Complete the resignation resignation pilot!

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) today reported that around 1,200 Thai Airways pilots are currently resigning due to the low return or income of Thai Airways pilots. Very much from year to year. In 2016, there will be around 50 pilots resigning, and in 2019 plan to resign. Most of them resigned to compete with airlines with higher compensation, especially in low-cost airlines that expanded their routes and bought a large number of new aircraft.

"The Thai Airways pilot began to resign continuously starting from 2010 until this year in 2018 for a total of 8 years, there were around 400 Thai Airways pilots resigning. During 2016-2060, there were 130 resignations. It was expected to resign around 50 people and next year preparing to resign because of low compensation, including money paid to pay specifically, whether foreign flight and overtime (OT) benefits are unfair, pilots resign before completing many contracts, allowing THAI to claim compensation, which must pay fines of up to 5-6 million Baht each while more than 100 pilots were chosen to use the reorganization method.

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) announced that Mr. Sumeth Damrongchaitham, President of THAI, has been aware of this problem. In November, I met with representatives from the pilot to find a solution and solve the problem of the pilot's resignation. First, it will solve the problem by adjusting the system to pay for overseas and overtime (OT) flight allowances all the time. The system will pay. A new system called pay per box is used to give pilots income that is fair and consistent for real work. It is expected that starting January 1, 62 is expected to help delay the resignation of Thai pilots.

"This new system will include flight allowances for international flights, both near and far, and overtime for pilots who fly less than 70 hours per month. All join in the same box. Then the money from the box is allocated to pilots based on the number of hours worked. I have a lot less flying, many see a fairer income, therefore the pilot's income is very different, flying in the distance, the European zone is more expensive per day 4,000 baht, flights in Asia 3,000 per day, and in 2,000 countries per day, the system new will be combined before distribution after "

Mr. Sumet said that during November, I had discussed with Thai Airways pilots to discuss the implementation of pay per box and see that this was a good system. They have asked the relevant parties to carefully consider the law of the state company if the system is used.

News about THAI. THAI's pilot salary is not high compared to competing airlines. Salaries are separated from allowances and OTA is divided into two groups. Salary starts every month. 100.000-150.000 This increase was caused by an increase in employment. 2. The pilot salary starts every month. The pilot will produce more than 250,000-350,000 baht.
The airline's flight fares are 379,000 baht more than Thai Airways, Thai Airways is 400,000 baht per month, AirAsia is 460,000 baht per month, AirAsia is 476,000 baht per month and Bangkok Airways is 476,000 baht per month. 490,000 baht per month

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