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Made around the Thunder Dome area, filled with Korean fans! Until wondering .. Nine young men in a group "Wild Children" Is that a new artist? Because they saw "Stay" (STAY, boyfriend's name, Stray Kids fan name) gathered together, not playing

And this is the second best work of 2019 from top ranked Thai companies like companies Four Days One Entertainment Limited to the team by Big Boss, Chalermchai and the team Join forces to work again with the giant agent of South Korea JYP Entertainment (JYP Entertainment) Bring newcomers, K-POP, the best new artist award from the prestigious Kimchi Institute, to meet Thai fans along with Live Performance, a big show at the event. "Wild Children, Anvil Tours … I … & # 39; UNVEIL TOUR Wild Children & # 39; I … & # 39; in BANGKOK) On Saturday, January 19, 2019, the last live

18.00 exactly according to the time specified on the card Greeting loud scream BANG CHAN, Ujin (WOOJIN), LEO (LEE KNOW), CHANGBIN, Hyunjin (HYUNJIN), Han (HAN), Felix (FELIX), Seungmin and IN IN What appears on the stage under the lights is on, giving the atmosphere in the hall more intense Then the appearance that makes the heart beat in the song HELLEVATOR starts. Only the first song is spelled by the audience.

Please, don't wait. With Grrr 총량 법칙 (BEWARE), AWAKEN and DISTRICT 9, it comes full, like BEAT. Focus on the explosion effect. From the sound and light production at Four Days, it is presented strictly without having to pass the device !! Of course, cheers from fans like STAY are still hard. Can be called a show that has very high destructive power

Then the nine boys began to introduce themselves to Thailand FIXED, with smiles of impressions given for free. "Miss us? !! ​​Happy New Year (Thailand) Today is the first day of the UNVEIL TOUR in foreign countries. It is a great honor to take a tour in Thailand." They shared their feelings of meeting everyone in Thailand.

Before talking about the show when he said that "We opened the show with HELLEVATOR, which is a song that means a lot to us. As for AWAKEN, we intend to show STAY for the first time. Last year, we released the album I AM, which consisted of I AM, I AM YOU, I AM WHO, which we communicated with everyone through three albums happily, so we made this stage show with songs from these albums.In the album I AM NOT, we try to put our opinions as much as possible, especially DISTRICT 9 is a song called Stray Kids. The best. "

Have fun … don't wait. With the rhythm of the song MIRROR, what Stays Kid says is the best song that talks about the album "I AM NOT" too. Fans tighten their hands and start flicking their lights … don't wait. Also that Minute, children reveal the coolest performances with frontal dances and harmonize each beat. Looks like a single dance in front of a large mirror Before moving to the front stage for fans In the zone it was very handsome Including touches, songs and dances that were strong in om's song (Insomnia) and SUARA which made the audience in the hall almost panting.

Change the atmosphere, brake the brake, talk again. "We collected three songs on this tour called UNVEIL. Every song is what we want to communicate with everyone. When we read messages from fans we realized everyone's worries and therefore wanted to say that they were confused, nervous like voices … Because we compiled the VOICES song to convey to everyone that they did not have to pay attention to those voices and try to step back one step. Hope this song will encourage everyone. We still have one song that thinks that if everyone listens, it will cause anxiety disappear … Sing together (Thai) "

Then they invited me to share MY PACE circles in various styles, both funny, sexy, aggressive, rocky. Thai fan club without a vest !! And then humbly followed, no matter how fast the kids would speed up and when the MY PACE song rang, they returned to the show for the show, turned to mini-hart so that everyone went up and down.

Next is the queue 편 (MY SIDE), the song that is loved by first fans for Stirl Kids so they have to sing WOW! For the NIGHT SKY project at sea, small light Shines like a ninth boy sings in the middle of the stars, makes children smile, cheeks, and thankful, thanks to all those who give them happiness. "MY SIDE song has good lyrics for the heart. And this song is even more meaningful when singing in front of STAY. Cheers and encouragement make us stronger and very happy. I love you." Then he entered the song "I AM YOU" which they say YOU STAY waiting waiting side by side.

Continuing with the video clip that brings everyone back to the time of their efforts through hard training to show their best, giving to their most important people, like STAYING, proudly. Hyun Jin, Seung Min returned to the special stage with the song 4419, followed by Leno, Chang Bin, Felix, along with the coldness of the GLOW song. LIVE SCHOOL, who has permission, Han, what color Before the other 6 members will join to join the full team as the end.

But before the nine boys were able to tell their own feelings, they found a big surprise from the fans. With a video clip that tells the first love story of STAY, Stray Kids and waits to give love to them on this show With a Korean paper label "I will make you brighter." At this point, Stray Kids can't hold back tears. Crying is very heavy! Announcing the establishment of one of the Thai fans that surprised us!

To the queue, nine boys have said their true feelings. They are very grateful. To stand in the midst of splashing everyone around you to make the river shine, it's like a dream they will never forget. Seeing the stage to see fans Everyone in front makes sense that they are the happiest people in the world. And they are the smartest when they are together STAY. Thank you for giving you a wonderful time. Thank you for making a Stray Kids tour schedule that began beautifully in Thailand. Their intention is to give happiness to all fans, but today they are people who have received this much pleasure. With the strength and love received from everyone, they promised to work hard to become a progressive ball.

The last stage for 9 boys and fans, both in the hall, had fun together in the song 7.7. 싸 9 (Awkward Silence), GET COOL, YAYAYA and go with the project from fans. With the conversion of the word "SKZ" (short for Stray Kids) in the song 있어 있어 (Grow Up) for everyone, every second of this day is stored as beautiful memories along with warm sentences from Strauss Children who can say that TOUCH is the most hearted , "STAY …. YOU MAKE DEVOTED CHILDREN" without forgetting to take turns showing Thai language skills, such as "Glad to come to Thailand, love to STAY Thai people, love STAY, stay together for a long time." Makes fans unity fall . Love attracts the whole hall.

Handsome Already in boys "Stray Kids" is a new wave, a very distant future. Good work like this … Four Days One Entertainment Also available throughout the year. ** Follow more details on the main website. Official fan page Twitter @ 411ent and Instagram IG @ 411ent


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