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Pharmacists decide to close the pharmacy and then passion.

I do not know what to do. I have teenagers who buy drugs every 30 minutes to buy what to buy what to buy. I decided to immediately close the passion of pharmacy.

Today (Nov 29) Facebook page "Bai Fern Fern & drug-holic rent coat by pharmacy" has released information that must be closed from the pharmacy. Because of the problem. This is the first time I have seen this film. It is said to be found every day at the pharmacy. A little closer:

1. antibiotics Not a disinfectant Sore throat, no need to take antiseptics, sore throat, inflammation of the throat, right throat (tonsillitis), mucus / sputum, yellow 3 days. Every time I drink a disinfectant, I have to eat it. It's better to just stop. Now this might be nothing. But the next one will hold in the future.
Menstrual pills, eat with weight, eat before the day to think or do 2-3 days if the menstrual period. Eating is not profitable.
3. Don't eat more than 2 boxes per month, not 2 boxes per life. It's a misunderstanding, but almost everyone asks me to eat 2 boxes a month and eat well.
The answer is not good. Eat as much as needed. If one day I really want to have children. This will increase the likelihood of the uterine stomach if you think you need to take emergency medicine frequently.
Change to monthly control.
4. Chronic heart disease, diabetes, heart disease, stop the drug itself. Don't adjust the dosage yourself.
5. Diarrhea, minerals, exercise.
6. minerals for diarrhea "Do not cure diarrhea", but eat to offset the loss of minerals so as not to fatigue. Faint and don't drink it completely. I often drink snails (drinking fully will cause diarrhea. Because mineral salts are absorbed into the body that's why many people like to say it.
Eat less minerals and see better.)
7. Some muscle blockers have a mixture of paracetamol, then don't eat more. Because Daspa is over. I will add parabens. See the composition of muscle relaxants. Are there any Para?
8. Dry cough and sputum. Medication for each other.
9. All eye drops open for a month and do not share with others strictly.
10. Drugs that people call kidneys. Don't treat kidney disease. If this is true, the world will not have kidney disease.
11. During pain, such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, mefenamic acid, piroxicam, celecoxib, one type of anti-inflammatory drug can be added to the drug, but you should not eat two types of antibiotics. Together, because it will irritate the stomach. And it affects the kidneys.
12. Antibiotics They say they bite the stomach. Listen, but it's not that serious. Just eat the food immediately. So as not to irritate the stomach.
13. Steroid Drugs Apply thin and apply only if there are several steroids. There is one tube that can be applied to all parts of the body. If the face or skin is soft or the child is very young, use the lowest level. Don't use violence.
14. Snoring the drug with sleepiness, not drowsiness, the narcotic effect is stronger than a stuffy nose, but acts briefly. I have to eat breakfast often, in the afternoon, not sleepy. No nose, but long acting. Eat only once a day (Long but weak) if both nasal secretions are very stuffy, but work, control, use the machine. Sleepiness does not give way. Eat not sleepy. You may have to register before you can post: click the list link above to continue. Old version for development. The name of the medicine will start with Des … Levo … the new version is a little expensive but good performance.
15. Medicine for women I have not had an abortion. I have a teenager to buy medicine every 30 minutes to buy until we can guess what to buy to do. We have to decide quickly to close the shop. I am afraid if not sold to be hurt.

He left it. I find it every day. Tomorrow opens the last day I have a passion for pharmacists. "

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