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This is a fan club that James Mar needs to know when he learned that it was the first to make a photo book as a gift for the New Year to fans. The Latest Life Center – Center for Happiness campaigns and prize festivals. Have a chance to meet James Mar. I don't miss Mike on the details of the photobook.

See if the new year will be a special project?

"I have said since the beginning of the year that I want to make a photo book as a gift for fans who want to buy it, so I want to return a small present in the new year. For this In the photo book, there will be photos that we have never seen before, and I shoot yourself and others, including our thoughts, reading. Each book is unique. We didn't do it before. I thought I would see a picture that I thought of myself, it was our own. "

Choose a photo?

"Will it start filming. I have selected several photos. And the concept is already. For those who take part in work, we rarely see thoughts, readings, or in the corner that really belongs to us. He will look in this photo book. I am not sure is this the case. From a photographer well. Some of the photos I took, I like. This is a good memory about me that is stored on the phone and at home. We will wear it. "

Is that limited?

"The amount is limited offline. I speak in more detail. I don't know what to do. We don't know when there will be other projects like this. We want to have this project when people read and understand us more. Many people may not understand what I do, what kind of perspective. If you read this book, it will better understand us. Give to fans who support us. Ask how many books are there? I'm not sure about numbers. Use enough words to keep everyone together, not too much, I didn't buy it, I don't want to do a lot of things (laugh). Wait for me to send more details on the IG. Towards the end of the year, we want to get a chance to let go of our hands. Look at the queue and place again.

Do you think your parents will come to Thailand in the New Year?

"If I'm in Thailand. I like to travel to Thailand. I don't know where to go. It's a good place to go. You have to ask your parents to go to the beach where they used to go to the sea before when children are usually wake up, but when we're working, we're not sure where to go, look at the user's profile. Send a private message. Maybe post again. I'm sure that the shipment is sure. "

Post a picture with Mattie in a knock that Matt is having a problem. As we push?

"I have been photographed with him for a long time. To meet the drama close. The story came out. I don't know enough. I have no comment. That's the way it is. And I haven't met Matt. I don't want to comment on this better."

Are you worried when you work together?

"We are all concerned about that. We do not know enough details to leave comments about what is right. What did you do? I did not talk to him this way. I did not know much about these people. I would be quite confused what happen. "


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