"I'm sorry," he said,


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Nippon, "Democrats," will sweep 45 members of parliament from the South. Stabbing "public power", new conflicts, sucking up people like PP thugs. I must admit that I am not the only one.

On November 27, 61, Nipit Intarasombat, deputy leader of the Democratic Party, oversaw the southern region, referring to 54 parties of former parliamentarians in the south. This is a people's decision. The party respects and believes that it does not affect the party because there are new candidates to replace it. Targeting up to 45 parliamentarians or more than 50 districts in the South. But accept that sound may have to be average. It is hoped that each region will have around 10-15 candidates, the score can disappear every field to ten thousand points. Will affect the base score. Member Directory System So if you take a score from the South to a positive list. I have a number of problems to ensure that they will. Most members of parliament

Mr Nipith further said that the party's last day in the past. Media is called dust, said Pak Nipit, people will see clearly. When dust decreases, like the People's Power Party (PPP) sucks a party into Thailand. People think that they must seize power. It is still very large. He is at risk. People in the party in state power. What is the use of power struggles? I want to reform politics. So prepare a new political party. But don't make it. I have to withdraw former parliamentarians or not. Because the principle of seizure, power needs to eliminate conflict. But now the People's Power Party is a new conflict. That also adds to the conflict. It cannot end the conflict. While the Democratic Party is accused. Encourage the military to seize power. In fact, PPP sucks. There are many members of the Democratic Parliament and there are some things that should not be done. And they took back my sucker.

"Stealing our people day and night. Climb the roof there. Besides creating conflict in the party for Thailand. I also came to the Democratic Party." This is a new political coup, "said Nipit.

Pak Nipit said that the behavior of PPP. How to reform politics. The community has seen clearly. That said, it eliminated the whole conflict. Just find a channel to be in power. I don't care how this country is. It is certain that sucking will only get 30 percent of luxury sucking. That's why I am very excited to see this. It is believed that the PPP will not be the main political party expected. No matter what the results will be. But we go to people all day long. Never seen a public power score. And not just the southern region. But in other areas, it's the same. So, the PPP score is in the polls. But not in the electoral field.


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