I do not know why.


I do not know why.

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I also had a hard time with the temple to practice.

Hertz is difficult for the hero to come to the top – Charan Sotirrat after boiling. Fern Wise Wisdom Paiboon So far, many people have seen that TOP has turned to the latest ethics. TOP to join the "OTOP Community Tourism Festival: Wat My Way. I will know … I will like it" at Impact Exhibition Hall 5-7, Muang Thong Thani requested that Fern go say it. Is there anything we want to say? "Really, let's interview a boy. We respect him. I think it's about two people. Please don't lower the details. There's no third hand, of course." Is that attitude or time? "I don't want to lower the details better. Everyone sees that past. I am very happy. Thank you so much for coming into my life. The past means a lot to me. Today I still feel the same from the first day I met him. "

Is there tuning? "We have had discussions. Everyone comes to different families. How do you think attitude is not the same? So it must be adjusted at all times." Is there a fight? "I think it's normal." We are very sweet. Many people are surprised at the point where they break up? "I don't want to say where it is. That can't be said. This is the details of two people. Very sensational. But in what everyone sees. What everyone sees is funny. I want everyone to save it when I save it. I want everyone see that the past is funny. Still like that forever. "Sorry for now? "No, I'm not sorry. It's always happy. But in reality, no one is happy and unhappy. It's natural. We have to accept and understand the reality."

Have you talked about it after losing your status? "Don't talk about it. We might need time." What is the state of mind now? "Wait, it's over. (Smile)" Seeing us meditating with a hard look? "I like to make achievements and practice already. But this time we have to practice. We have seen some Dharma. We see the truth that comes to mind and we feel fine. We are actors with followers. If there is something small then we can turn it into a temple to meditate only the services of one person. I am happy. "Fern leaves say there is no chance to change? "But if I ask about the opportunity to change. I don't dare to confirm. I feel that the world is truly certain. We are now brothers."


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