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I do not know what to do. Independent Czech with license?

I do not know what to do. Independent Czech with license?

In the case of a lawyer campaign Bring two girls to make crates to deal with the clinic. After the round, the responsibility for making milk is rotten. Are you ready to apply for a Czech license? I do not need to be hospitalized for 9 days without hospitalization. The news has been offered.

The latest advance at 10:00 am on November 29 in Pathumthani Public Health, Chanchai Chai, Vice-President of the campaign to restore justice to the community, took two candidates to submit a complaint to Dr. Surin. One of the victims was Pathumthani, one of whom was injured.

I know this clinic from Fej on Facebook. After that, they have access to information. I believe that this clinic is safe. I went to see information and found that the medical team was skilled. After searching for a month. I decided to breast augmentation at this clinic. In August, the price of 40,000 baht.

I say that. One day before the operation. I have to confirm the clinic. The clinic told me that. I had an operation with a doctor. I do not know. He tried to find out about this doctor. He found little information. Then the operation. Before the operation, they requested a professional license. The doctor has brought them to see it. So I agreed to the operation.

"In the examination room. You have to open your chest to prophesy. The doctor said that the chest was like this, the doctor didn't see it. I was surprised. The doctor was inexperienced. During the operation, this doctor had asked all helpers. How are you? After finishing the chest, the left side began to break. The doctor said that. Go to the pharmacy to eat, "said the sister.

"After taking the medicine, the wound becomes inflamed. The chest is not the same. Now, the nipples are not the same, and there are waves below the breast in this section that you must feel. They will feel strange pain. All morning. I want the clinic to be responsible. they take responsibility. The doctor will throw it into the shell. Then the shell will throw it away. I will ask your doctor. But there is no solution for them, "he said.

Surin said this was the first time that public health in Pathum Thani province had officially received complaints at this clinic. But the public has been seeking information for a while. In the next step, today, the community must visit the clinic. Is the clinic legally registered? And check that the doctor has a professional license. Is registration correct? And clinics in accordance with the standards set?

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