GPSC is in the process of investing 250 megawatts of electricity to grow with the PTT group.


Mr. Chavalit Thippavanich, Chief Executive and President, Global Power Public Synergy Company Limited (GPSC), leader of the electricity business innovation group, PTT revealed that January 21, 2019, the GPSC Board was decided to approve an investment plan in the Energy Recovery Unit (ERU), which has 250 megawatts electricity, 175 tons of steam per hour for the Clean Oil Project (CFP) Thai Oil Plc. With an investment value of US $ 757 million

Thaioil Clean Energy Project With the aim of increasing competitiveness by increasing the efficiency of the production process to increase the value of environmentally friendly products and expanding refining capacity to 400,000 barrels per day and in investment projects in the power generation unit as a power plant and steam unit which will use waste oil as a by-product of clean energy projects as fuel for production Helps reduce the investment burden

"Thai oil has given investors instead of investing in building everything themselves. Which GPSC has been entrusted with the development of a power plant unit project since the clean energy project is still in study. Because they have expertise in the utility business. By investing in this power plant project. the opportunity to create growth in business from different fuels in different ways, "Chavalit said.

For the development of the power plant unit, GPSC will operate through a subsidiary, which is 100% owned by GPSC. Will be an expectation agreement from Thai Oil and have a power purchase agreement It is expected to start construction after signing the contract. Construction will take around 58 months.

Chavalit said that this investment plan would allow GPSC to have a total electricity generating capacity of 1,955 megawatts of total shares, the total steam was 1,585 tons per hour. Commercial power generation equipment (COD) consists of hydroelectric power projects in Laos, namely Namlic 1 (NL1PC), 65 MW capacity and Xayaburi power plant (XPCL). Production of 1,285 megawatts, including the 4th Rayong general power plant, 45 MW capacity, 70 tons of steam per hour and power plant 3 (CUP-3), small private electricity producers (SPP), power plants, cogeneration systems 15 megawatts of production capacity can running a commercial power plant this year.

In addition, there is a power plant project that is in the process of being completed this year. For 2020, there is an extension project for the Nava Nakorn Power Plant (NNEG), a capacity of 60 MW, 10 tons of steam per hour. It will be ready to start supplying electricity and steam to customers. Where each project has progress in development and is confident that the work can be done as planned


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