Thursday , June 24 2021

Glass screen full of drama.

Captain – Phuthanee, Film – Thanapat, Bright – Naraphat, Nat – Aniporn

Channel 31 Make a big impression.Once for the entertainment industry. And the beauty industry Production drama giant form. "Glass Mask" Romantic investigation drama that counts as a reunionPerformances in the front row of Thailand. Captain – Phuthanee, Films – Thanapat, Bright – Naraphat, Nat – Aniporn, Marvel – Alisa, Mr. – Oliver Pool Part, Dilok Thongwatana, Jahad-Pratee, Woman – Lintel Pita, etc. Directed by Art-Jawiat Chaiyaphum

    From story layout. Nuns, sankunjayjajajima

    Writing TV Shows Aun, Puzzles, Aang Arun Somdet

    To create excitement.Thai drama in "operations" as far as not. Even surgery can be changed.We have a good look. But that cannot be changed.People like me. With the story "Glass ball" And "Nancy" 2 girls who have life and soulUntil the extreme when the accident made him both. Must meet again too.Of the many secrets that already existUnder "operations" that many people have to share.Find the truth to seize the mask. And to expose people's crimes.Behind the scenes Amid the most complicated anger and envy.… unexpected !!

    Giant shape "Glass mask" Will be broadcast every nightFriday at 20.45 and Saturday at 20.10, broadcast on Friday, November 16 on Channel 31.

    List of actors

    "Glass mask"

    1. Piyathida Worachimik Play the role Rachawadee
    2. Phutthasongphan Manop Play the role Doctor
    3. Thanapat Kavil Play the role Country
    4. Anniporn Chalerm Burana Wong Play the role Crystal Ball, Chest
    5. Narathiwat Vilailaphan Play the role Region
    6. Alisa County Play the role Motto
    7. Author Play the role Diamonds
    8. Sarasvaditthipan Play the role Ascendant
    9. Dilok Thongwatana Play the role Fight
    10. Primera Det Play the role Ri
    11. Linear Pituchinda Play the role Pim
    12. All rights reserved. Manu Praerit Play the role Man
    13. Oliver's Swimming Pool Play the role Dr.Mike Gluber

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