Wednesday , August 4 2021

Former female hero Nate Evil enters boyfriend on a luxury cruise ship worth 40 million.

I'm not sure if this is the right one for Nate Aravasti, a former heroine. With a girlfriend outside the industry, Dharmmarat Nongphong, owner of a cruise ship meridian business today, they both held a wedding on a luxury cruise ship. Said the groom. This ship was built for this special wedding. The total is worth 40 million and is raised to the bride.

The bride said. I have met this groom on a cruise ship. In the episode as MC. The groom himself said. I'm a fan of Nate and I'm 16 years old.

How is the bride today?
Natasha "Very happy (smiling) Really have to say that you are ready to work until the last moment, despite the request to get married on the New Year's Calculation. It's been months. But I still have to run until yesterday."

"I am happy. The story of the ship building. Now we are building this boat. It takes a very short time. They all help speed up the ship to get the job done. This is a little inconvenient, but it's okay.

Build this ship for this job?
We really have a plan to build a new boat. We met exactly. So, speed up the boat to follow us. It takes around 3 months. "

What are the ceremonial days?
"The ceremony was held on November 3, which was a warm event in a small family. The atmosphere was very pleasant. Use this boat too. This was used in the parade procession. Guests were also entertained."

Ask for a dowry
Bum "it's really about love, we don't measure the amount. Or the dowry. This is a ceremony for the bride who is entertained. I can take care of her. She makes sure we lift her."

How long have we been dating?
I knew from last year's Songkran Festival, he was the best man in life that I have ever met. He is happy. Keep us in good practice. Good with family, good friends, we are happy and don't think about anything else. "

How are you?
"Nath is a beautiful man. Talk to me. Happy with. We have to work hard enough to find it, but we feel tired and tired, but we feel that we are tired again. We feel that, then, we should not separate. well?

Heard that the fans start from the drama?
"I followed the drama that Nat has played since the first release about 16 years ago and I like watching and watching. What a coincidence. It's lucky. He's a woman in specifications."

The first time I saw the nautical feeling on the ship?
"I'm happy. Remember that to ask for some photos. Then post to Facebook." I don't think I will be able to follow you to this day. "

When is he married?
"Really? We didn't say anything at the time. I was confused. At that time, he had a plan for marriage. Tell us that on the ship holds a new countdown. We want to be the host. We are the hosts.

Time near fire. He got out and knelt down. We still don't tell me before I make color (laugh). The page isn't full, so I wonder what we have to say. Think about what we say. When it's time to really talk, he pulls his hand into the ring.

I'm not sure if this is the case.
"That's the most convincing smile."

What is the promise of the bridegroom?
Of course, I must say that at the ceremony at the request of the house. To say that we are not interested in the value of love in that amount. At home, Nat really. Don't ask anything

The groom's promise that he would take care of the same thing. At home, Natt. Don't go if one day there is no love. Don't let sleep. To take home. This is my house (laugh) "

"We were told by the family, Nath. I will love and care for the best (smile)."

But the story of his younger brother. Are we not found out?
"Really, Brother Bum wants tonight (laugh)."

"I want to have a daughter. I want a daughter like her."

"We are not serious about how many people will be 1 man, 1 woman at all, no matter how old we are. Hopefully we have a baby In the past, we prepared very busy work. There was no time for physical examination. I thought I wanted have it, but I haven't planned or prepared anything. "

Are there twin brothers?
Nat "If it's okay (smile), he's trendy now. We intend to consult. This might be a difficult one. I don't want to wait long."

What about the ring with the dowry?
Natasha "The ring is 4 carats in it."

See that this boat is down to being a dowry, right?
"All ships are mine. But we built a new ship on behalf of all shareholders to be named Nate."

What is the engagement ceremony?
"On the engagement day, Nathaniel cried. I was very grateful to the many people who came to help me make very beautiful flowers. People made clothes that made everything come out.

Nat was very happy and impressed. It's time to see everyone make us. It makes sense that it's not just our two love. But we see love around. We have to offer. "

How many years are we both?
The only year he was a single brother. I will not tell you about love. But today, kindly told me 35 (smile).

Will the marriage be registered?
"Oh, this might be a matter of faith. I used to have a very famous fortune teller who was married but not registered. We didn't ask why.

But for the sake of peace. We don't dare to do anything. Tell him that. Don't pay attention I don't have it yet. Because fortune tellers. But this boat, please (laugh).

"Okay, (laugh) If you ask about the value of this ship, it's around 40 million."

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