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DJI launches Osmo Pocket with a built-in camera with small and easy portability.

Launches the DJI Osmo Pocket 3-axis (Gimbal x 3) with a 4K camera and built-in screen. With small and easy portability. Supports iOS and Android smartphone connections.

But the quality is really over. Pocket DJI Osmo 3-axis (Gimbal x 3) with 4K camera and built-in touch screen. With small and easy portability. Utilities and accessories.

Osmo Pocket Camera (likes to pull the drone and attach to this handle) … 3-Axis shake (3-AXIS) can record 4K @ 60 fps bit rate 100 Mbps with the ability to record 12 megapixel resolution with a 1.55 μm pixel sensor, 1 / 2.3 inch wide angle 80 degrees and f / 2.0 aperture. Pictures and videos at all. The camera can be used up to 140 minutes (if Full HD).

Osmo Pocket is also known as Osmo Pocket. Application There are many accessories. And features to use even more.

  • FaceTrack Auto focus or auto focus face priority Keep faces sharp when recording video.
  • ActiveTrack Tracking system to move objects or organisms.
  • FPV The shooting mode is in the perspective of the first person to help regulate camera rotation. Slip through the scene taken.
  • Motionlapse The video timelapse mode makes the Osmo Pocket have a unique cooling system. Support this feature.
  • 3 × 3 Panorama Parama 9 images are continuous, 9 angles automatically. Wide viewing angle up to 180 degrees.
  • Nightshot The 3-axis Vibration Night View mode lets you take pictures with your hand. Without a tripod.

  • Finally, support through the application. DJI MIMO There are also many features to use such as the Story Mode Wizard, a beautiful effect on the finished video. It looks weird, and Osmo Pocket can connect directly to a smartphone. Via the lightning port for iOS and USB-C for Android.

For price Pocket DJI Osmo That is it. $ 349 or around 13,500 baht Available in mid-December.


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