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Personnel Coordination Center at Higher Education Institutions Booklet to "Big Tzu" to open a property management account – University Director Transparency I am not sure if this is the case.

On November 12, 2061, at the Government House, Suteerat Ratanamongkolkul, coordinator of the Human Resources Center in State Higher Education (CHES) with networks. A supporting list that presents the asset management report of the Board of Directors and members of the University Board in accordance with the Notice of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NCCC) regarding the position of the person responsible for handing over property and According to Article 102, 1,369 registered on the website is submitted with the General Prayut Chansaacha, Prime Minister and Chief of Staff. National Bank (KBC) to confirm the appearance of property accounts under legal purposes.

Dr. Suteer said that because many universities are in the state. To freely manage. There is a University Council consisting of external experts from the recruitment of university administrators. The administrators and directors of the University Board are the same. There are complaints from several institutions that fraud from the executive. Reciprocal assistance The budget of 2,000-3,000 million baht is budgeted annually by the university. Very worrying because there is no monitoring system. Cloaking There may be policy fraud in the procurement of construction work.

At the same time, it was found that the Khon Kaen University budget was used to buy shares of financial institutions with eligible members. Some concession holders are allowed to work for universities. Students from the Demonstration School Nobody dared to examine it. So I want to ask that the monks and institutions claim. All university directors of the University Council President must present a property account and request the NCC to confirm its role in the law. At the same time, people must participate in monitoring management to ensure transparency. We must obey the Constitution. Does not cooperate in all forms of corruption.

However, they are happy to have a property audit. The property delivery deadline is only 1 month before the law takes effect on December 2 too quickly. I want to consider this problem.


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