Celebrating Disney's 90th birthday "Mickey Mouse" held a large exhibition.


Image from Instagram @aclararobles

Walt Disney held a large exhibition in New York, celebrating its 90th birthday "Mickey Mouse". About famous cartoon cartoon characters.

Today (8 Nov 61) The Micky the True Original, the Walt Disney Company, Mickey Mouse, is a comic book that captures the hearts of children around the world in New York City, USA. Exhibit "(Mickey: The True Original Exhibition)

At the exhibition, many contemporary artists were exhibited. Disney invites you to create this classic cartoon again. With the use of various forms of art such as neon lights, crochet, etc., which are beautiful to watch. Ideal for taking beautiful photos. Save it as a warning.

There are also special ice cream creations. To celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday in particular.

For this exhibition. The story of the famous classic mouse character. Since the beginning of 1930, Mickey Mouse first appeared. In the short film "Steamboat Willie", Mickey Mouse's main life collection is included in this big exhibition.

From black and white sketches of Mickey Mouse to the early black comics. And it changes to the present until now.

Exhibition. Starting from today (November 8) to February 10 next year.


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