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In the end, plans to increase bus fares for BMTA and increase bus fares for 10 percent of the buses.

By General Prayut Chan-ocha, the Prime Minister, has urgent orders to delay the increase in BMTA bus fees and bus fares for 3 months.

In order not to affect the cost of living, the people

To encourage people to use public transportation to overcome the problem of dust and smoke

And to alleviate the car crisis

"Luk Chan Mae" shows that the rising rates for bus and tourist buses which are public transportation services do not want to rise and become arbitrary

But it must be approved by the "Central Land Transportation Control Committee" from the Ministry of Transportation in advance according to the rules

In this case, the Central Land Transportation Control Board has approved the BMTA and Bus Service Company to increase bus fares for almost 3 months.

But the government has just formed an eye to see justice Brake messages before the deadline of 2 days !!

Causes the Central Land Transportation Control Board to call an emergency meeting to complete the resolution

The group shares BMTA private cars and shares cars The bus company that prepares the fare must fight because of the whole procession.

Bus tickets, tour buses, new pre-booked prices must be canceled halfway.

Must print old ticket prices, use it temporarily block the sale of chaotic snakehead fish

However, "Luk Chan Mae" saw the need "Prime Minister Uncle Tu" had to jerk the brakes, raising bus fares. BMTA and bus services for 3 months

Because if you let a bus and the cost of a tourist bus simultaneously will affect the cost of people with total low income

The important thing is the increase in the cost of buses, tourist buses in the near future the selection of the wrong stroke

Causing the government of Lung Tu to be the target of attacks from political opponents

The reason for the delay in the increase in BMTA bus fees and bus fees for 3 months

Or postpone reviews again after April

To wait for the election to pass And then collect fees to raise the panel again.

There are many gods.

"Mae Luk Chan" was marked earlier that buses, BMTA, and bus operators need to raise rates of course … sooner or later.

It is impossible to freeze a hot bus fare of 6.50 baht. Freezing air-conditioned bus fares is only 11 baht, as is currently stored.

Because "extreme points" must be adjusted to reflect actual costs

An order to delay the increase in bus fares further added to the loss of BMTA.

At present, BMTA must bear accumulated losses of more than one hundred billion baht.

Interest is only 7,000 million baht per year.

Recently the government has just obtained a loan. "Complete liquidity" for 9,000 million baht which will be used to resolve the problem.

Therefore, the government has no other choice. Besides having to surrender tourist buses to alleviate the crisis of losses

Or if the government does not want to increase bus costs to influence money in the people's pocket

The government must pay compensation for losses. 10 billion baht per year

If you think of fighting then invite mercy to you because you feel comfortable.

"Mae Luk Chan"


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