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"Buffalo smiled," smiled mischievously. – Today's line – innnews.

Cabbage. Sing Singhad, Director of the Kan Na Yao Police Station Mr. Case Surat has posted a message to collect money to redeem the "gold" life that has been examined by bank account investigators from Mr. The letter found that the amount donated in the account was 160,000 baht and owned. Pull 100,000 baht to buy gold. As desired, but now researchers are in the process of studying clips to see body language. And delete it as a written language. That's Mr Surat What is that? But now the police have put money into the account.

Basically, we now see how Mr. Acting improperly can cause public fraud. , PC, demand control, and money laundering, so Mr. Surat. Bring evidence to investigation today. If not, enter. The police will consider the first call on December 4, 2018.

For golden buffalo. Considered as the middle of a violation. The police detained him. The victims were transferred to the account of Mr. Letters. To save your life, gold. Please contact the inspection officer for refunds at the Dan Yao Police Station.

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