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By Dr. Suppress Saengphan

I have to thank the newspaper. "Business people" please allow me to rewrite the article again, in the "Healthy Aging" column.

Let me write about health care. Economics will be discussed at a time. At the age of 62, he turned his attention to reading articles and learning about his own health and care. The aim is to have quality or Healthy Aging means that if you die at the age of 80, the life expectancy of a 60-year-old Thai man (for 60-year-old women, according to statistics will live. I hope to spend the rest of my life with a quality of life 20 years and lack of health (morbidity) is the shortest.

From the statistics of current Thai people, the range of morbidity is 7.6 years for Thai men and 9.3 years for Thai women. My desire to end my life to deal with illness and torture my body for a short time.

If morbidity is less than a week, the better. Good with myself and my grandson. To treat sick people. Not to mention the cost of care for injured people who see many cases. Must spend millions of baht over the last 1-2 years of life.

What I believe all parents want is to die young at a very old age, which is the main goal of looking for information to be written in this column. And if it helps to live up to 90 years or more, that's good, but it's a good time to live.

Recently, Sandra Day O "Connor, 88, the first woman to ever serve as US Chief Justice. The announcement stopped all types of work related to law. Because it was found that dementia (dementia) is suspected as Alzheimer's disease, which is currently no treatment, and the number of patients jumped in. The highest risk factor was aging.

Most people start with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) aged 65 years and over (but some may have symptoms since the age of 40). For dementia in the next phase, especially in the current age population quickly.

Current statistics show that 50 million people with dementia will increase to 75 million by 2030 and 131.5 million by 2050. Alzheimer's disease is expected to increase the most in developing countries. (Not a developed country)

The cost of treating and treating patients with dementia is estimated at $ 1 trillion (1.25% of global GDP). (Directly burdened with offspring) 40% (Which is a financial burden and burden on the country's health system)

In short, older people over 75 years, 1/3 will become dementia, most diseases (60-70%) are Alzheimer's disease, which is currently not available. Although he has been trying to find a cure for 10 years because this disease has been known for more than 110 years.

Dementia is an "old disease", which is increasing age, the greater the risk. But know that people are 90 years or more. Men are dementia only 28%, but women have a proportion of 45%, and despite a high proportion. And it will continue to grow at a younger age. But still more than 50% are aged up to 90 years, but the brain is normal. It is expected to avoid dementia. Until life ends.

You need to take care of your brain from the start. To avoid being exposed to mild cognitive impairment, and if it is MCI, there is still a process to keep the brain from degenerating into dementia or dementia, which is trying not to. MCI, if it's not too late. If you go to dementia then it will be too late.

Symptoms of brain disorders are not easily seen. The study found that people walked at a speed of 3 km per hour or lower. Very risky for dementia in the future. Most people will walk 5-6 km per hour, so if you walk along the road and find that other people continue to take over, you should immediately check your health).

Risk assessment is more accurate. If you walk, then measure speed compared to walking with the brain to think of something as simple as a countdown or plus number along with walking. Normal people can walk at the same speed as the brain. People who will have brain problems will run 20% slower when walking and thinking of the brain at the same time. Researchers have found that the diagnosis method is more accurate than 95%

It can be seen that walking is very important. In fact, it is an activity that requires the brain to coordinate many parts of the body. Keep moving and change the direction and avoid obstacles that hinder. While maintaining the balance of the body does not fall. It is not surprising that sports on foot. This is very useful for brain care and care, so if you read articles about prevention of dementia. The first recommendation is to recommend a 1/2 hour hourly exercise 3-4 times a week, ie walking 180-240 minutes a week, walking about 6 km per hour.

The goal is to make the heart beat faster, 60% the fastest heart rate. This is calculated from the age of 220, like people at the age of 50 years, the maximum heart rate should not exceed 170 times per minute, so it must walk until the heart beats about 102 times per minute.

Ask what academic data that connects walking with the brain. One Pittsburgh study in October 2018 found that hardening of the aorta could be a major cause of Alzheimer's disease. This causes brain degeneration, ie the brain needs strong veins. And enough to pump blood. Source of dementia. There are problems with blood vessels in the brain. And often heart disease too.

Recent studies have found that the human brain does not gradually deteriorate (initially believing that the number of cells in the brain will gradually die, resulting in a decrease in the number of cells as we age), but can revive itself. And can adapt the so-called. It can also produce brain cells. Proteins that play a key role in BDNF and brain-derived neurotropic factors are neuroendocrine disorders of BDNF. In addition, people with low BDNF also experience accelerated aging and obesity.

How do you improve BDNF? Aerobic exercise is the fastest way to beat 60-75% of the fastest speed. (For example, a 50-year-old man is 102-128 times the heart rate.) Calorie restriction or occasional fasting is intermittent fasting (ie not eating Tuesday and Thursday), which will stimulate BDNF.

It can be seen that healthy brain care. Not much different from general health care, so if you read instructions for brain care, it is similar to general health advice, such as exercise. Maintain the right weight. Eat healthy food Smoke free Drink limited And get enough sleep. This problem is very important for the brain and our overall health. I want to take a nap to write to read later.

The last point to repeat is when the body is strong. Strong brain at the same time. Research in the Journal of Neurology, March 14, 2018, reported the brain development of 191 Swedish women, the average age was 50 years at the start of the study. By tracking this group for up to 44 years, highly qualified females have a 5% chance of Alzheimer's, while women who are quite fit have a 25% risk, 32% are less fit and 45%

The researchers concluded that the women were very fit. If dementia, it will be 90 years longer than women who are currently. I am 79 years old, I conclude that this compatibility is very valuable.


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