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BG Pathum raised troops to attack Rang Bua, Lampang to overcome Ubon, against the Thai League 2

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"Phaya Kai Nong Bua Phichay FC Open duel sergeant, BG Pathum United, Kasetsart University FC, meet Srisaket FC at 18.00. "Emerald horse carriage" Lampang FC meets Ubon United and Customs United teams to meet the Royal Thai Navy team in the Thai League 2 battle. Every day, July 21, 2019 Live football

Thai League 2 competition on Sunday, July 21 62, will still have 4 more matches at the TOT Chaengwattana Stadium at 18.00. The Kasetsart University FC team meets Srisaket FC, the home team that is considered ready for this match. As for the visitors, Reed had to examine the pain of Dominic Adyah, who had injured his left knee during training, whether ready or not. Other players are ready to enter each field. Which, with the situation of the visiting team without choice, is only 3 points, maybe more than a hundred and has the opportunity to cut the victory

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Then, at the Central Stadium, Lampang Province, at 18.00. Trus Park Jum, the Lampang FC team, found the Ubol United team did not have a team of Nilmas and RonPeer Chaykhamdee because of a flat penalty. The rest are along the field. On the visiting team, there will not be 1 checkpoint, such as Prapat Yotkrai who was injured and the rest are still on duty. This match, the home team, despite the lack of 2 main cores, but still watched against the visitors if foreign players are able to meet the standards, the visitors do not survive.

Next to Ladkrabang 54 at 19.00 live broadcast on True Sport Channel 5. The MFA Customs United team meets with the Royal Navy team, which is not banned or injured. This is for the visitors, there won't be one flat ball left. This pair of games must definitely be exchanged for pleasure. The home team is considered to have done a good job in the local area.

The last pair at the Nong Bua Lam Phu central stadium, 19.00 broadcast live True Sport 7, Nong Bua Phichay FC, met with the BG Pathum United team. Instead this appointment would not make Natthawut Kamarin, who was punished by another flat. The rest is ready As for the visitors, there is no United States Suwan Suwan leaving the injured, but Jonathan Hesse has been placed and must be ready to enter the field immediately. And maybe there are other Kritlak families who might be able to win back from Japan. This game tells the visitors that it's not easy. And there is a possibility that this game will always have a chance. But if you have to mark it, it still trusts the visitors. But just say, slash

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